Here you will find answers to some of the most frequent questions we get concerning Lingscape. If you don’t find what you need, let us know.

Can I use Lingscape for free?

Yes, of course. The apps can be downloaded from the Apple and Google app stores for free. The same applies to dedicated projects. If you want to use the app and platform for your thesis, in class, or to annoy your friends, just let us know.

Do I need an account to contribute to the project?

No, you can upload photos to the app without having a user account. We are happy about every single contribution. We do have so-called project accounts. These are meant for people who want to run their own project on the platform, e.g., as part of a research project or a master’s thesis. If you just want to upload some photos along the way, you should be fine without an account. You can still add your name or a nickname in the comment field during upload, if you want to be credited as the author of a photo.

Are you only collecting multilingual photos?

No, definitely not. You can upload whatever you find interesting or conspicuous, as long as it contains some form of language and can be found in the public sphere. You are interested in Portuguese stickers only? No problem. French/Arabic bilingual posters? Go ahead. Plates that contain all the languages of the EU? Very welcome as well.

How can I start my own project with Lingscape?

That is pretty easy. Just drop us a line using the contact form and let us know what you want to do. We will then set you up with an account that gives you access to the project administration. There you can create and administer your own photo collections and projects. A tutorial explaining the functionality of the platform can be found here.

I have 729 photos I would like to upload. Is there a way to do this automatically?

Well, almost. If you would like to upload a larger number of images at once, or if you have a collection on your computer that you think should be available in Lingscape, just let us know. There is a workflow for that. The data need a little preparation, though, to make sure they match the data scheme we use for the database.

Can I use your photos in my presentations/publications?

Yes, that is possible. Look here to find out more about our license model and for suggestions for project citations.

Where can I find publications about Lingscape?

References to publications that come from the project team directly can be found here. We also maintain a shared publications folder in which we try to collect all publications related to the platform and the projects it contains. You can find the repository here, to access it, please contact us via e-mail to get the access password.

Why is my language not yet available in the app?

We have decided to let the app grow according the needs of our community instead of adding the maximum number of languages to the list right away. So, to get a missing language in the app, just upload a photo, use the “Other language” tag, and add the name of the missing language in the comment field. We will take care of the rest.

I have uploaded something that I want to delete. Can I?

If you are part of a specific project, just contact your project manager and tell them to delete the photo or hide it from the public. If the photo is part of the public photo stream, use the “Report a photo” function in the app to let us know that you would like to delete the photo.

I have uploaded a photo with the app. Why hasn’t it arrived on the web map yet?

Due to technical reasons, it can take up to 1 hour between a new upload in the app and the photo being added to the web map. Just go out, take another photo, and soon your photo will have arrived on the map.

I have uploaded a photo to the app, and now it is gone. Why?

Sometimes, we hide photos from the public photo stream. The main reason to do so is because a photo does not match our criteria for data collection and quality. Was the photo off-topic maybe? Did it contain your cat or Aunt Lydia baking cookies? Was it blurred, upside down, or did it show anything but language in the public? Then yes, your photo might have got missing from the public stream. Otherwise, not so likely.